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This collection derives inspiration from Kaali, referring to the black and bold Goddess, the one who can slay but is also known as the mother, the protector.


Silver, when it comes in contact with air, inevitably turns black. The shimmer of raw silver is rather short lived unless it is protected through various means. Each of these pieces is bold, making a statement of your acceptance of who you are, in all your dark divine beauty. Most of the pieces are handmade, either in completeness or partially, deriving inspiration from the jewellery of the tribal women, who have been known for their strength and capacity to survive.


This collection is a celebration of the tarnishing or the blackening that comes naturally to the metal. It is at the same time, a way of delve into the darkness and the destructiveness that is very much part of any creative process, or anyone’s life, so to say. The feminine is the source of all creativity – the feminine as a part of that duality found in each one of us, irrespective of our biological gender. All that multiplies, all that reproduces itself, all that proliferates and nurtures is a feminine force, what is called the aspect of ‘prakrati’ in Vedic mythology. Like all forces and energies, it changes its form and shapes, and can oscillate from the very fierce to the very soft possibilities of being.


For the shoot of this collection, we worked with Neha, who is also a part of the team. We wanted to explore the excessiveness of her life, her obsession with books and colours and the dreamy darkness one can often see in her fierce , almost prohibiting attitude. At the same time, she has the possibility to nurture and accept all that nature has to bring to one, including the tarnishing and rough edges.

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