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Because you are beautiful

We are a bunch of sensitive and progressive people who are appalled by body shaming and concerned about how the construction of images and ideas around us can lead to damaged self esteem. We also do feel the need to talk about bodies and mental health like they are normal things and not something to be ashamed of.
The images/photographs/videos we generate are shot with everyday people, under everyday circumstances and we do not morph or correct their skin tones or set right their bulges. We also do not try to create expressionless, motionless maniquin kind of images out of living people. We believe that people are beautiful, with all their blemishes and scars, in all skin tones, shapes and forms and their moods, expressions and differences are what make them alive. So we try to capture and retain what we find people in people- them.
We further like to add that no jewellery can make anyone beautiful; it can only emphasize the existing beauty in people. No one becomes more attractive by wear a piece of metal or stones and it is it lie that is sold to us that makes us see people as lesser than some glittery objects. The jewellery can have meaning and be alive only when it is word by a person and its beauty is exuded by the confidence and grace with which one carries oneself and owns up to one’s entire being.

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Not because you need it

At the risk of being self-contradictory or even perhaps not growing as fast as we may wish to, we ensure we do not send out the message that people are in desperate need of what we offer them. Jewellery is an accessory; a luxury – and we would like our audience to remember that.

We are absolutely against the kind of unhealthy messaging that goes around in the name of marketing that makes people feel lesser for not having enough things. And well, no number of things is ever enough. We do not feel that festivals need to appropriated or invented or the most intimate feelings and emotions of people deserve to be manipulated so that we can sell a product.
We know that we have something beautiful to offer and we hope that if people want it, they will buy it, out of the abundance of their hearts and resources and not because they are trying to fill some lack of need.

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Being conscious of what we make/consume and our relationship with the planet as well as fair economic policies are extremely important to us. We have realised that the need of the hour is to inject this balance into everything that one creates, especially in the dna of businesses.
Silver is a metal that can be reused and recycles forever. Not a bit of the metal is every thrown away as all of it is melted and put back into use. While there are concerns regarding mining processes, it is good to know that most of the metal that reaches one is being rotated and circulated within the larger production chains. Depending on the purity of the metal, we do encourage our buyers to exchange their own silver jewellery as well.
Silver is affordable but it is still not throwaway prices and that further ensures fair payments as well as limited and more thoughtful consumption. We further ensure that our artisans use healthy processes and have a good environment to work in.
Our packaging is very special since we work with handicrafts of Agra and of Uttar Pradesh to get beautiful, reusable and long lasting packages to our buyers. It supports the slowly declining local industries and brings back their importance into the lives of our buyers who love our boxes as much as they love the jewellery.
We further cut down on wastage and plastic by using old sarees and dupattas for making pouches with jute strings to carry the package in.
To minimize waste of paper, we use seed paper where we need to. We also do not have visiting cards since they mostly lie around and ending up in the bin. We have replaced those with seed paper bookmarks which one can use and then later grow into a plant.
As an online brand, we do need to ship our packages in bubble wrapped plastic but we do ensure that it is approved grade plastic and suggest ways of reusing them to our buyers.
The idea is not just to use sustainability as a buzz word for image building, but to actually be able to inspire ourselves and others to see how far we can stretch ourselves to learn and arrive at a good balance where our profits and comfort do not inconvenience other people and the environment.

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weCreate weCurate weCollaborate

WE CURATE: Of the hundreds of pieces available in the market, we pick the best we can, filtering them through many criteria and bring them together into collections.
We are in a world where the choices are infinite and with the choices also comes the overwhelm and the clutter. Our objective is to reduce the online clutter by carefully selecting and sorting what we bring to you.
We believe that less is more and when one has less things to see, one can give more time to detail.

WE COLLABORATE: We collaborate with artists who have a distanct style and voice and are creating beautiful works of art in diverse media and varied scale. We pick their signature style and integrate their work into silver so their art and message reaches to those who value and love unique and experimental stuff.
Collaboration is about giving space to all the voices that come together to build something and so while we are doing the designing of the art pieces made by these lovely people, we ensure that their work is placed in its context and the designs we make are an extension of the spirit of the art work itself.
The whole of ISOVI team also functions on the principles of collaboration where people work with each other, not for each other. Each one’s opinion and expertise is given due space and that what gives our brand the distinct voice and versatality that it has.

WE CREATE:We have begun making our own collections, which are conceptualised, designed and handmade inhouse.
Our first collection TUKDAA is created using the waste from the famous marble industry of Agra.
We are looking forward to making many more of these eclectic and meaningful collections that share our thoughts and vision with the world.