We are a bunch of sensitive and progressive people who are appalled by body shaming and concerned about how the construction of images and ideas around us can lead to damaged self esteem. We also do feel the need to talk about bodies and mental health like they are normal things and not something to be ashamed of.
The images/photographs/videos we generate are shot with everyday people, under everyday circumstances and we do not morph or correct their skin tones or set right their bulges. We also do not try to create expressionless, motionless maniquin kind of images out of living people. We believe that people are beautiful, with all their blemishes and scars, in all skin tones, shapes and forms and their moods, expressions and differences are what make them alive. So we try to capture and retain what we find people in people- them.
We further like to add that no jewellery can make anyone beautiful; it can only emphasize the existing beauty in people. No one becomes more attractive by wear a piece of metal or stones and it is it lie that is sold to us that makes us see people as lesser than some glittery objects. The jewellery can have meaning and be alive only when it is word by a person and its beauty is exuded by the confidence and grace with which one carries oneself and owns up to one’s entire being.