WE CURATE: Of the hundreds of pieces available in the market, we pick the best we can, filtering them through many criteria and bring them together into collections.
We are in a world where the choices are infinite and with the choices also comes the overwhelm and the clutter. Our objective is to reduce the online clutter by carefully selecting and sorting what we bring to you.
We believe that less is more and when one has less things to see, one can give more time to detail.

WE COLLABORATE: We collaborate with artists who have a distanct style and voice and are creating beautiful works of art in diverse media and varied scale. We pick their signature style and integrate their work into silver so their art and message reaches to those who value and love unique and experimental stuff.
Collaboration is about giving space to all the voices that come together to build something and so while we are doing the designing of the art pieces made by these lovely people, we ensure that their work is placed in its context and the designs we make are an extension of the spirit of the art work itself.
The whole of ISOVI team also functions on the principles of collaboration where people work with each other, not for each other. Each one’s opinion and expertise is given due space and that what gives our brand the distinct voice and versatality that it has.

WE CREATE:We have begun making our own collections, which are conceptualised, designed and handmade inhouse.
Our first collection TUKDAA is created using the waste from the famous marble industry of Agra.
We are looking forward to making many more of these eclectic and meaningful collections that share our thoughts and vision with the world.