About Us

About Us

Isovi is a labour of love, a humble tribute to my legacy,

 to my father, who showed us the mesmerising world of jewellery and the significance of creating an honest and empowering business and,

to my city, Agra, which never ceases to fill me with wonder with all its glory, history and intricate arts.


 – Kaleem Ahmed Qureshi, Founder

ISOVI PRomises YOu

Carefully selected and curated handcrafted pure silver jewellery from all over India

Unique collections of artist made designs that are statements of power and growth.

Sustainable, artisanal and long lasting beautiful packaging

Hallmarked, fairly priced products made by fairly-payed and well- nurtured people

Inspiring images and stories of real people that remind you of your inherent beauty and strength

An everlasting friendship with a team of innovators, art lovers and culture geeks

Our Story

History… well, because, it’s history and we all have one ..

The story of ISOVI (and many other such brands) is part of a much larger movement of youth from two tier cities plugging into the global wave of change and innovation. Kaleem and Hifza, founding members of ISOVI and siblings, coming from a gold / diamond jewellery family business background, both professionals in technology decided to bring beautiful silver jewelry to people at the click of a finger. Back then, silver jewelry was not all over the internet and online markets had just about begun gaining ground even in the 2 tier cities. They started a website and brought a sample selection of jewelry to test the waters.

At that time, in 2015,  ISOVI was the only- and hence the first – online silver jewelry brand in the country.

Somehow things got slow and ISOVI had to go dormant. Until December 2016. After a long haitus, we decided to get back to working on the brand. Much water has gone under the bridge between then and now-  January 2019, and it has been quite a ride, to say the least.

With Love From Agra

ISOVI was born in Agra. The word ISOVI is derived from a Portuguese word that means ‘grace of a woman’. The jewelry at ISOVI is not made in Agra but we wanted to stick with that identity. What makes our languages, our taste and a lot of things about us unique is the place we come from. So we decided to make our city an integral part of what we did. The ISOVI team lives in and works out of a space in Agra. We stock and package all this beautiful stuff here.

But it is not a very smooth terrain that we tread. Retaining the name of the city as our tagline is one of our many efforts to reinvent this city for ourselves, to find a sense of pride and belonging in our relation with the city. It is our need to be grounded, to find what defines us. At the heart of many of our decisions is the complex relationship that the residents of this world famous city have with their hometown.

What We Do

We Curate

Given the massive quantities of products available in the market, we realized that curating is a very crucial need of the hour, as important (or even more) as creating new things. And a lot of what exists is indeed breathtakingly beautiful, but in all likelihood of getting lost in the overwhelming flood of images coming our way. So what we do is a very meticulous narrowing down from the humungous number of products available throughout India for those who are coming to us for buying.

Our work is geared directly towards reducing the hassle of having to look at infinite things. We would rather you look at things for a longer duration and with minuteness from a diverse and handpicked range of material. At ISOVI we do believe that less is more. It has taken us many months to put together the collections you see and we have shared our curation and selection process in a post.

We Package

Coming from the city known as the city of love, we wanted to make sure that every article that went through our hands from this city had a mark of it, showing some love. But we know the kind of waste generated by packaging in all our lives. In a world struggling against issues of waste management and climate change, dying handicrafts and disappearing life and art forms, we wrecked our brains for months to come up with responsible packaging solutions:

Parter with artisans in Uttar Pradesh to create reuseable packaging options that will last long and encourage the handicrafts, bringing it back into everyday lives of people.
Upcycle old sarees/clothes to make pouches and use seed paper wherever necessary.
The plastic packaging for couriers is recycleable grade and designed such that it can be reused.
Every package from ISOVI is a gift for our buyer, with the message of sustainability and beauty. To see what our packaging looks like and know more read post

Why we do what we do

Our Mission

ISOVI is dedicated to reducing online noise by curating silver jewellery from across the country and making it available at the most affordable prices possible.

We are looking forward to form a sustained relationship with our buyers, and we offer hallmarked jewellery with easiest exchange/buy back policies towards that end.

Our objective is to create an active community of silver lovers who besides buying jewellery, would connect with us for a shared interest in and commitment towards our core values of:

promoting handicrafts & art
engaging with environment & heritage
creating space for dialogue around mental health & body positivity

Brand Ideology

ISOVI stands for responsible and self affirming dialogue, representing the things we believe in and further the causes we align ourselves with. We do not think our our buyers should make a purchase because they think they need the jewellery or because it will make them look prettier or more trendy. Rather, we want to remind them that jewellery is a way to emphasis and bring attention to an already beautiful you- it is an accessory- a mark of excess… read more

Furthermore, we function as a self managed collaborative organization which doesn’t follow the traditional logic of hierarchies and decision making processes. This model of working takes one to a greater level of autonomy and breaks down the structure of a single leader operated mechanisms of functioning.