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simple, beautiful & elegant silver jewelry. 

curated and packaged with love, from Agra. 

we select designs from all over the country, each one hand picked with precision and care. 

what inspires us about silver is that it is not like the sun that dazzles, but like the moon (from which it gets its Hindi name ‘chaandi’ – the white/silver of ‘chaand’ the moon), it shimmers, changes forms. it has a sense of rawness, something much closer to our life. 

that beauty in the ordinary is what makes silver jewellery so unique for us. 

at ISOVI, jewelry is a way of celebrating  

the magic of everyday life! 

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Free Shipping

ISOVI provides free
delivery/shipping on all items
within India.


ISOVI gives a 6 months warranty of plating.


Our 14-day No Questions asked
Money Back Policy gives you
time to make sure your purchase
is perfect.